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Rooftop Pursuit

Rooftop Pursuit Rooftop Pursuit
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Flying Officer Percy Burton of No.249 Squadron in hot pursuit of Hauptmann Horst Liensberger, Stab V/LG1, Hailsham, Friday September 27th 1940.

Wounded and running low on ammunition, Burton rammed the Messerschmitt Bf110-C2, causing both aircraft to crash. Burton, Liensberger and Liensberger's gunner Uffz. Albert Kopge were all killed.

Signed by these 249 Squadron Battle of Britain pilots:

  • Squadron Leader John Bentley Beard (249 Squadron)
  • Wing Commander John Beazley (249 Squadron)
  • Wing Commander Tom Neil (249 Squadron)

Please note: each print is individually hand-signed. Signatures are not reproductions.

Special Version

This print is also available signed by the three pilots above, and also Wing Commander Bob Doe DSO, DFC (234 Squadron)