Scenes of the Battle of Britain

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Flight Lieutenant John C. Dundas and Pilot Officer Eugene "Red" Tobin of No.609 Squadron pursue a Dornier 17Z of 8/KG76 down the Darent Valley, Kent, September 15th, 1940.

Signed by these Battle of Britain pilots:

  • Group Captain Sir Hugh Dundas, CBE, DSO & Bar, DFC (616 Squadron)
  • Group Captain C B F Kingcome, DSO, DFC & Bar (92 Squadron)
  • Air Chief Marshal Sir Frederick Rosier, GCB, CBE, DSO (229 Squadron)
  • Wing Commander P P C Barthropp, DFC, AFC (602 Squadron)

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The Dornier made a forced landing on the brow of a hill above Castle Farm, Shoreham, as depicted in The Castle Farm Dornier (page includes a biography of "Red" Tobin).

Flight Lieutenant Dundas went on to shoot down the German ace Major Helmut Wick on 28th November 1940. Dundas was then immediately shot down and killed by Wick's wingman.

Pilot Officer Tobin was an American volunteer from Los Angeles. He saw service throughout the Battle of Britain, and was an early recruit to the first Eagle Squadron. He died during a fighter sweep over Boulogne on 7th September 1941.