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At the outbreak of the Second World War, the Bristol Blenheim was considered one of the best light bombers in service. By the standards of the day it was fast and manoeuvrable. It was the first British aircraft to have an all-metal stressed skin construction and one of the first to utilize retractable landing gear, flaps and variable-pitch propellers.

The Bristol Blenheim is a rare subject for aviation art, but we are pleased to have a print featuring this aircraft. Each print is individually signed by Blenheim pilot Flight Lieutenant W.R.Hughes.

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A14 - Flight Lieutenant W.R.Hughes - Blenheim - Blenheim Art

Bristol Blenheim Mk1 of No. 23 Squadron RAF, October 1940. Once the backbone of Bomber Command, the Blenheim is an aircraft that rarely features in aviation art.

Signed by: Flight Lieutenant W.R.Hughes

Price: £29.50

From the Pilot Portraits collection

Blenheim Art - Flight Lieutenant W.R.Hughes - Blenheim

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