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From 1942 to 1945, the USAAF's Eighth Air Force operated from airfields in eastern England flying daylight missions over Germany and occupied Europe. At the time of writing we have four prints featuring USAAF aircraft, two of which are also signed by original USAAF air crew. We regularly add prints to our collection, so please do browse the website using the buttons on the left to see if we have added further USAAF art prints.

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Images shown are a representation only. Actual prints are of the highest quality.

LE18 - Remember Me? - USAAF Art

The B17G Flying Fortress "Remember Me?" of the 457th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force homeward bound to Glatton in England escorted by a P51D Mustang of the 20th Fighter Group, 1944. The 457th was known as the 'Fireball Outfit', dropping 16,915 tons of bombs on occupied territory. They flew 236 missions, lost 86 aircraft in action with 729 men either killed, missing or taken prisoner. The pilot of the B17 was Captain Charles E. Barrier who has also hand-signed each of our prints.

Price: £57.50   Edition: 250

From the Limited Editions collection

USAAF Art - Remember Me?

PC7 - Mustang over the White Cliffs - USAAF Art

North American P-51D Mustang 'Big Beautiful Doll', owned and operated by Rob Davies MBE. You may have seen 'Big Beautiful Doll' on the airshow circuit. Now you can own your own print featuring this wonderful aircraft.

Price: £27.50

From the Pencil Sketches collection

USAAF Art - Mustang over the White Cliffs

PC2 - Reflections of Janie - USAAF Art

A P51-D of USAAF 350th Fighter Squadron, 353rd Fighter Group, 8th Air Force, Raydon, Suffolk, England 1945. A classic Geoff Nutkins sketch of a classic USAAF aircraft.

Price: £27.50   Edition: 250

From the Pencil Sketches collection

USAAF Art - Reflections of Janie

A27 - Captain Charles E. Barrier - Remember Me? - USAAF Art

B-17G Flying Fortress 'Remember Me?' of the 457th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force. The Pilot Portrait version of 'Remember Me?', each hand-signed by Captain Charles E. Barrier

Price: £29.50

From the Pilot Portraits collection

USAAF Art - Captain Charles E. Barrier

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