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We specialise in two types of pilot art - Pilot Portraits and Individuals. Each type highlights individual pilots from the RAF, USAAF or Luftwaffe who served during the Second World War. All the Pilot Portraits are hand-signed by the depicted pilot, as are several of the Individuals prints.

Below are examples from each type of pilot art. To see the full range browse the Avi-Art Prints collections using the buttons on the left.

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Images shown are a representation only. Actual prints are of the highest quality.

A22 - Wing Commander Bob Doe - A Gentleman's War - Pilot Art

Hauptman Rolf Pingel of 1/JG26 falls victim to the guns of Pilot Officer Bob Doe of No.234 Squadron. Doe allowed Pingel to ditch in the sea, from where he was eventually rescued by a German E-Boat. Bob Doe has more recently been seen in Channel 4's "Spitfire Ace".

Signed by: Wing Commander Bob Doe, DSO, DFC

Price: £29.50

From the Pilot Portraits collection

Pilot Art - Wing Commander Bob Doe - A Gentleman's War

IN1 - Major Helmut Wick - Pilot Art

Portrait of Helmut Wick. At the end of 1940, Wick was one of the highest scoring German fighter aces, the youngest Major in the Luftwaffe, and commander of Jagdgeschwader 2 "Richthofen".
The original painting may also be available.

Price: £17.50   Edition: 250

From the Individuals collection

Pilot Art - Major Helmut Wick

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