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If you are looking for a unique aviation gift for a friend or relative, why not give them an Avi-Art print? We have prints at a range of prices to suit everyone, a large choice of WWII aviation subjects, and - of real interest to any aviation history buff - many of the prints are individually hand-signed by distinguished WWII pilots and aircrew (RAF, USAAF and Luftwaffe). These include decorated fighter aces. Avi-Art prints make very special aviation gifts.

The images below are just a small selection of the prints we have available as aviation gifts. For the full range, browse the Avi-Art Prints collections using the buttons on the left.

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Images shown are a representation only. Actual prints are of the highest quality.

BB5 - Victory over Kent - Aviation Gifts

A Spitfire flies low over its victim, a Messerschmitt Bf109. Kent in the summer of 1940. A classic Geoff Nutkins image, each print is individually signed by five renowned Battle of Britain pilots, including the legendary 'Al' Deere.

Price: £120.00   Edition: 525

From the Scenes of the Battle of Britain collection

Aviation Gifts - Victory over Kent

LE12 - Beachhead Patrol - Aviation Gifts

Flight Lieutenant Tony Cooper of No.64 Squadron patrols the skies over the D-Day beaches, June 1944. This Spitfire is on display in the United States National World War II Museum. Each print is signed by Tony Cooper.

Price: £49.50   Edition: 200

From the Limited Editions collection

Aviation Gifts - Beachhead Patrol

A22 - Wing Commander Bob Doe - A Gentleman's War - Aviation Gifts

Hauptman Rolf Pingel of 1/JG26 falls victim to the guns of Pilot Officer Bob Doe of No.234 Squadron. Bob Doe has more recently been seen in Channel 4's "Spitfire Ace". He allowed Pingel to ditch in the Channel from where he was rescued by a German E-Boat. Each print is hand-signed by Wing Commander Bob Doe, DSO, DFC.

Price: £29.50

From the Pilot Portraits collection

Aviation Gifts - Wing Commander Bob Doe - A Gentleman's War

LE20 - Ace of Aces - Aviation Gifts

Wing Commander 'Johnnie' Johnson, O/C of No.144 Wing, in combat with a Focke-Wulf 190 over France on 16th June 1944. Johnson was the highest scoring British fighter ace of the Second World War.

Price: £37.50   Edition: 50

From the Limited Editions collection

Aviation Gifts - Ace of Aces

LE3 - The Hunters - Aviation Gifts

This rare print shows Major Helmut Wick and Oberleutnant Rudi Pflanz leading a Schwarm of Bf109Es from Jagdgeschwader 2 'Richthofen' in the summer of 1940.
Each print is signed by the following Luftwaffe aces:

Hauptmann Fritz Karch, Knight's Cross
Oberleutnant Gunter Seeger, Knight's Cross
Major Julius Meimberg, Knight's Cross
Hauptmann Bruno Stolle, Knight's Cross

Price: £140.00   Edition: 200

From the Limited Editions collection

Aviation Gifts - The Hunters

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