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Geoff's aircraft art covers the entire air war over Europe from 1939-1945, with a particular emphasis on the Battle of Britain. The range of aircraft is considerable, and if there are any you are particularly interested in we suggest you try our Search page. But we have a few examples for you below, just to whet your appetite.

The images below are just a small selection of the prints we have available featuring aircraft art. For the full range, browse the Avi-Art Prints collections using the buttons on the left.

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Images shown are a representation only. Actual prints are of the highest quality.

LE12 - Beachhead Patrol - Aircraft Art

Two Spitfires of No.64 Squadron patrol the skies above the Normandy beaches in June 1944. The lead aircraft, flown by Flight Lieutenant Tony Cooper, has been restored by Patrick F.Taylor and is on display in the US National World War II Museum.

Price: £49.50   Edition: 200

From the Limited Editions collection

Aircraft Art - Beachhead Patrol

SE4 - Battle above the Clouds - Aircraft Art

Gruppenkommandeur of 1./JG2 Richthofen, and at this moment the world's highest scoring fighter ace, Major Helmut Wick in combat with Flight Lieutenant John C.Dundas on 28th November, 1940. Wick's aircraft was badly damaged and he was forced to bale out over the English Channel. His body was never found.

Price: £195.00   Edition: 50

From the Collector's Editions collection

Aircraft Art - Battle above the Clouds

LE15 - A Gentleman's War - Aircraft Art

Hauptmann Rolf Pingel falls victim to the guns of Pilot Officer Bob Doe off the south coast of England during the Battle of Britain. Doe allowed Pingel to ditch his fighter in the sea, and he was later rescued by an E-Boat.

Price: £57.50   Edition: 200
Sorry, SOLD OUT!

From the Limited Editions collection

Aircraft Art - A Gentleman's War

BB11 - Battle over London - Aircraft Art

Sergeant Ray Holmes of No.504 Squadron rams a Dornier 17Z over London on 15th September 1940. The Dornier was thought to be aiming for Buckingham Palace shortly before this incident. Each print is signed by four distinguished Battle of Britain pilots, including Ray Holmes himself.

Price: £120.00   Edition: 525

From the Scenes of the Battle of Britain collection

Aircraft Art - Battle over London

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